Moving From ME to WE

Moving From ME to WE

Centre for the New Human members, Gloria Harrison, Deborah Moskowitz and Ham Hayes are co-presenters at a special program on January 20  presented by the WE Squad.  Other presenters from the WE Squad include Skye Burn, Doug Banner, Nancy Lewis and Richard Lewis.  We believe this presentation is in alignment with the mission of our Centre and welcome those who wish to attend.  Note that seating is limited to 50 persons, so read the flyer below for reservation information.

Be part of the solution, not the problem!  Let’s all come together to help heal the divisiveness in our communities.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the time is now for our voices of unity to be heard.  The WE Squad invites you to participate in a light-hearted, interactive experience, where together we will “Move from ME to WE” and create ways to “Thrive in These Divisive Times.”   

Who is the WE Squad?  Founded by three grandmothers, we are now a team of conscious citizens dedicated to finding creative solutions to the challenges of all aspects of divisiveness found in our communities.  We strive to be aware of our own biases, believe in non-judgment and inclusivity, promote skillful communication, create opportunities to be heard and connect with others, and use humor as a connector.

WE invite you to our coming-out event.  Let’s all help one another “Move from ME to WE. “

Where Can I Find a New Human?

Where Can I Find a New Human?

Thanksgiving is with us shortly.  As the name implies, perhaps I should be expressing my gratitude on this holiday, but for what?  At times, it seems as if we are in a small boat in stormy seas, in danger of being swamped.  Rudder broken, sails ripped, on our last legs…..the ‘old’ model of human, us, looks like a junk car ready for salvage. Maybe it’s time to turn off the news and step outside for some fresh air to find something to be thankful for.

I’ve heard about a New Human.  If I could find one, that might be worth giving thanks.  But I’m a bit stuck…..what does a New Human look like?  How would I recognize one and where should I look?  Perhaps I need to look through history for role models or heroes like Gandhi or King Arthur or others.  Perhaps a journey to a faraway mystical land is called for, meditating on a mountain top.  Surely this New Human is not close.  Maybe they only exist in the future.  The journey to find one seems too difficult, even fearful, not so?

Worse than the struggle to find one, what if the New Human I find has Flaws.  Would my gratitude be stopped in its tracks?  Would the New Human have to be fixed, just like the old model?

The fresh air is having a positive effect.  I’m realizing that these thoughts ARE the ‘old’ model….fears, worry, uncertainty.  Time for a fresh look.

Perhaps giving thanks is really giving of ourselves.  It doesn’t have to be all of ourselves, just a wee bit.  This could be a good starting definition for what a New Human is…someone who gives a wee bit of themselves.  After all, life is in a state of constant change, constant evolution, constant creation from which we are inseparable. If 7 billion of us give a ‘wee bit’, that’s a lot of creation.

So using this definition, ‘give a wee bit’, it turns out to be easy to find New Humans.  For example, there are over 1.8 million non-profits and charities in the US.  There are dozens here in our New Human town.  This is a good place to look.

New Humans are close by, neighbors, friends, family.  In fact, I wager you are one as well.

For that I am very grateful this Thanksgiving!