The New Human in the New Year

The New Human in the New Year

deborah_moskowitzBy Deborah Moskowitz

It’s undeniable—life as we’ve known it is changing – and changing at warp speed.  Sometimes it seems as if we’re in a tailspin—in the midst of chaos.  When I’m able to stand in the calm of the eye of the storm, I can step back and look out a bit more objectively.  I then see that the Universe has been stirring things up, impatient for us to make changes, to move towards all that we can become.  I catch a glimpse of the New Human, one who has moved past the negativity, toxicity and divisiveness that seems to surround us, to a more loving, healing presence on this beautiful planet.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, something new is emerging from all the turmoil around us.  I have always believed that out of chaos, new opportunities arise, often better and richer than I could have ever imagined.  I hold onto that thought amidst this shifting, bubbling life that is all around me, giving me a wild ride.  I can feel the changes within myself, as I remain calm and at times unperturbed, even as I’m bombarded by events and commentaries that swirl around us all.

So what is it that is happening?  What is it that we are becoming?  Is this a new configuration of us humans?  Or is it all an illusion—a way of coping with a world that seems to be tilting out of control?  As I contemplate these questions, I fall back on my core—the values that I hold near and dear to my heart, by which I attempt to live  and in turn provide added value to the world around me.  While my core values have worked reasonably well for me in the past when I have been able to put them into action, something seems to be missing in these new times that are right in front of me.  It’s as if my world has built up a “tolerance” for my value system, much the same way our bodies build up a tolerance to a medication, and then it ceases to be effective.  My inner self is telling me that something more, something “stronger” is called for right now, to propel me out of the muck and mire of the chaos, into a higher plane.  I feel called to gather my resources, some of which I may not even be aware of at this point, in order to inspire healing and growth of this New Human and New World that awaits me.

At this point, I still feel surrounded by the fog that is not allowing me to clearly see the full complement of values that the New Human encompasses.  Without knowing this, I feel ill-equipped to figure out whether I already possess these new values and resources and whether I am ready to move forward as the New Human.  It is clear to me that pondering this and reaching answers is not a solitary endeavor.  It is through coming together with other like-minded souls who are asking the same questions, that I might discover some answers.

Thankfully, as a team member of the Centre for the New Human, I have a community in which to explore these and many other questions. In the New Year that is rapidly approaching, Gloria Harrison, Ham Hayes and I will be hosting a lively and interactive discussion on this timely and important topic, for our January offering.  I invite you to join us on Sunday, January 21, 2018, from 2:00 – 5:00 PM at Wise Awakenings in downtown Bellingham.  For more information, you can visit the Events section of our website,  I hope to see you there.


Looking Towards Autumn

Looking Towards Autumn

I love the waning days of summer as an elusive smell of autumn creeps into the air – mostly in the cool mornings from the beautiful evergreen trees surrounding my house, before the sun is full in the sky to remind us that there is still a bit of summer to be had.  Autumn is my favorite time of year.  There’s something about wrapping up the wild blossoming and abundance of spring and summer that feels like pulling my favorite sweater close around me, both warm and comforting, but not inhibiting like the finality of winter.  There’s still time for harvesting what I’ve planted, learned and done over the summer before I nestle in my winter cocoon to incubate new ideas for the coming year.

Gift of Nature

As one who uses SoulCollage® both for introspection and spiritual growth, I find that autumn is when I turn to my SoulCollage® cards more frequently.  Sometimes, it’s just to pull a card for the day, to see which Neter, or guide, has some wisdom to offer me.  Other times, I may have a query and do an in-depth reading to help me peel back the layers of my daily life to find my deepest desires and wisdom.

My Gift of Nature card pays homage to the beautiful and nourishing fruits and vegetables I have been feasting on this summer that are plentiful at area farmer’s markets.  Its voice says, “I am the one who is created from the bounty of Nature, healthy and whole.  I am the best that Nature has to offer, full of nourishment & potential.  I am organic, I am pure.” 

I feel more compelled than ever to really take care of my body, mind and spirit during these tumultuous times.  I know that I am being called upon to be strong and to rally for whatever is coming my way in this lifetime, though it is unknown as of yet.

I also feel my creativity beginning to flow more readily once again, after a bit of a dry spell.  My art studio calls to me daily, and I find that I am developing new ways to offer my professional talents and experience in the work that I do with people who have disabilities.  I definitely feel the influence of my Magical Moon Child, who says, “I am the One who is born of moondust and stays connected with the stars.  I open your vision to receive Divine inspiration.”   I have definitely been feeling Divine inspiration present in my life lately as I wake up in the early morning hours before the sun is up, my head filled to the brim with new creations waiting to be made.

Magical Moon Child

As I look ahead to the coming year, new ideas, projects and plans seem to fly into my head.  With so much from which to choose, it is helpful to turn to my SoulCollage® cards for discernment.  The clarity I always receive from my cards helps keep the mental critic at bay as I tune into my intuition to hear the voice of Spirit speaking to me.


How a Spiritual Perspective Changes My Experience

How a Spiritual Perspective Changes My Experience

dennis_gaitherLike most of us, as I abide in this realm of perception I have spent much of a lifetime looking out through the filters and limitations of a perspective that tells me I am separate and ultimately alone, that the world is a place filled with dangers where a sense of scarcity and competition rules and where everything that I have, even life itself, can be taken from me in an instant.

I too have tried to buy some sense of security in this world in countless ways:  relationships (or in the avoidance of them!), jobs, roles, and possessions to name but a few. I have built up a certain sense of who I am and what “reality” is.  Never mind that this sense of self and reality is so very malleable over time and from person to person.  Never mind that this way of being would have me imbedded firmly in this world, identified with a physical form called a body, subject to all of the body’s limitations, vulnerabilities and its inevitable end in death.

It is such a fearful perspective from which suffering is inevitable and always seems caused by outside events.  It is part of my human experience, one we all share, to identify myself as body and define myself in terms of that form, by how it looks or what it does. Maintaining such an illusory self-concept requires constant vigilance and vigorous defense. A sure way to trigger upset is to have self-concepts challenged or questioned.  Even one that causes so much pain, such as a sense of victimization, can be defended and held onto as if it were something essential.

From this thought system of separation, the EGO, my prospects can seem very bleak indeed, a life of constant struggle, one problem after another.  The best I can hope for is some compromise in which I might manage my life to avoid pain as well as possible and get what enjoyment I can.  But even in moments of pleasure there is always lurking a fear that it can be taken away in an instant.

According to A Course in Miracles, our tolerance for pain may be great, but it is not without limit and eventually each one of us realizes that “there must be a better way.”  This is a crucial step, because until we are willing to see that our suffering comes from within through our own thought system we will continue to play out our ego-based self concepts, feel helpless, betrayed, angry and in pain.  It is through our willingness for “a better way” and our willingness to take responsibility for our own experience that we can begin our Journey to true healing – a healing of the perception that we are beings separate unto ourselves.

If this ego perspective of the world is not all there is, then what else is there?  And how can I see that world instead of this world that seems so real?  Whatever this other perspective is it is not one that I can see with my eyes in the usual fashion.

Beyond this world of form there is a world of Spirit.  It cannot be perceived with the senses, but it can be experienced when I am willing to question and let go of all that stands in the way of it.  The defining emotional state of the world of form and separation is fear while that of Spirit is love.  The path of awakening then is one of letting go of all of the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence

I am here today having an experience of being in this body, in this world.  But I also have a growing awareness of a sense of Self, not at all confined to this body, this place, or this time.  My, and our, awareness may be limited only to our bodily experience but we are having a spiritual experience nonetheless.

There is in each of us a part of our mind that does remember our true nature as Spirit, our Oneness with all that is.  It is called by many names:  Higher Power, Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Christ Consciousness, Buddha Nature, AtmanThe words themselves are not important except as symbols that point toward an experience of a Oneness and Love that does exist within each of us no matter how deeply it can seem to be buried at times.

It is that realization, that yearning, that calls to us and guides us along our path and helps us to release our blocks to awareness love’s presence – our grievances, resentments, guilts, hurts, wounds and perceived need to be separate and special.  In those sweet instants of deeper awareness, perhaps in special moments with a loved one or child, with nature, in prayer or meditation, or with scripture that connects us with the sacred in us, we notice the contrast between the quiet inner peace of Spirit and the noisy clamor of the ego world.  A deep, long hidden desire to return home, to reconnect with our true essence, our Source, awakens within us.

The Journey home now becomes more intentional, more directed to that one purpose.  We find that we can use every situation as a means to help realize our goal, to awaken from the dream of sickness and separation.  We become more willing to take responsibility for our ego thoughts, look honestly at them and their results, and realize we have another choice.  We learn that we can offer them to our Higher Self perspective to be transformed and healed.

In our confusion and pain we have all said and done unloving things.  This does not change the essence of who we are, but it does greatly affect how we feel about ourselves.  Our attack thoughts and actions do affect us.  They lead us to feel anxious, depressed, guilty, exhausted, alone, separate and physically ill.  The belief in guilt in our minds is mostly kept unconscious and projected onto other persons or situations.  This keeps the sense of guilt out of our awareness, but does not protect us from its effects.   On the contrary, by keeping it unconscious we guarantee that it will continue to produce effects in the form of physical and emotional symptoms.  Undoing the unconscious guilt in our minds by first bringing it into our awareness, releasing the emotional energy of it and then being willing to allow a new understanding from our Higher Self perspective is an essential part of real healing. This process of healing we call forgiveness.

With each forgiveness I experience a sense of peace, of healing.  I see that forgiveness is really not something I am doing for someone else, but something that offers healing to both, that brings me peace and frees me more and more from my own limited perceptions.  As I forgive others, I free myself.  As I see the innocence in others, I know it in myself.  As I extend the Peace of God to others, I experience it for myself.  In offering healing, I receive it.

There is joy in learning to see this world through the eyes of Spirit, recognizing that we are all on a Journey together despite the myriad forms it may take.  In forgiving we feel less angry, fearful and alone.  Instead we see the love, peace and joy that we extend out into the world reflected back to us.  Feeling more complete within ourselves we are more at peace and less in need.  Recognizing that our real home lies within we need not fear its being taken away.  And that is a gift I truly treasure and am profoundly grateful for.

Peace, love, blessings to all,

Dennis Gaither