Deborah Moskowitz

Artist, Musician, and Creative Catalyst practicing and facilitating SoulCollage®

Deborah’s Journey

I introduce myself to you as someone who is insatiably curious and compulsively creative. I arrived in this lifetime with these two qualities defining me and carrying me along in my journey. I have always believed that anything is possible, and that imagination is limitless. These beliefs have led me down many paths and have surfaced as a number of passions.

The first passion I discovered as a child was the desire to teach. This has been a lifelong endeavor for me–teaching people with severe disabilities, teaching those who support people with disabilities and teaching/mentoring people who want to explore their creative expression through art and music.

I also channel my passion and creativity into various forms of artwork. Highly tactile, I create sculptures of all kinds, jewelry, and play with mixed media. Expressing myself musically came to me as a young adult, and the instrument of my passion is the hammered dulcimer, which I also teach.

Spirituality as a formal study came much later in life to me, although I have always been captivated by the mystery and the unknown. I now realize that the expressions of my passions have always been the path to my spirituality. I continue on this path with an open heart and mind and take great joy in the learning along the way.

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