Centre for the New Human members, Gloria Harrison, Deborah Moskowitz and Ham Hayes are co-presenters at a special program on January 20  presented by the WE Squad.  Other presenters from the WE Squad include Skye Burn, Doug Banner, Nancy Lewis and Richard Lewis.  We believe this presentation is in alignment with the mission of our Centre and welcome those who wish to attend.  Note that seating is limited to 50 persons, so read the flyer below for reservation information.

Be part of the solution, not the problem!  Let’s all come together to help heal the divisiveness in our communities.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and the time is now for our voices of unity to be heard.  The WE Squad invites you to participate in a light-hearted, interactive experience, where together we will “Move from ME to WE” and create ways to “Thrive in These Divisive Times.”   

Who is the WE Squad?  Founded by three grandmothers, we are now a team of conscious citizens dedicated to finding creative solutions to the challenges of all aspects of divisiveness found in our communities.  We strive to be aware of our own biases, believe in non-judgment and inclusivity, promote skillful communication, create opportunities to be heard and connect with others, and use humor as a connector.

WE invite you to our coming-out event.  Let’s all help one another “Move from ME to WE. “