Centre for the New Human HistoryHow it all began.

New ideas, new theories, new consciousness most often begin with a vision. A seed idea is planted in the current consciousness and begins to develop and grow. It may come in the form of a dream, a sudden awareness or a synchronous event. It may even come in a quiet whisper in the mind and heart.

When it comes, we are being asked to listen. For something wants to be born through us. A birth seed has been planted; a calling is awakened within us and we cannot not listen. We are compelled to move, to share, to explain, to question, and then to begin to give form to what this is. We feel fear, excitement, a quickening within, and we often ask “why me?” The Centre for the New Human began this way.

Gloria’s Story.

A vision came to her in a dream; not the usual kind of dream where events are somewhat fuzzy and then quickly disappear when the eyes open and awakened consciousness returns. This was a dream that drove her out of bed in the middle of the night. Due to its vividness, detail, and emotional impact – it had touched her soul. She saw clearly in her mind’s eye, a mystery school. A center for children that taught parents new ways to be with their children; recognizing their children’s spiritual powers within; and validating and nurturing the awakening of these powers. “And the children will lead and the children are our teachers,” defined the center’s philosophy. Out of this dream the Centre for the New Human was born.

When a seed is planted, it begins to grow. When it’s a mystery seed, one doesn’t really know what will manifest. One is only required to keep watering and feeding it, putting energy into it, and observing its patterns of direction and movement. As this seed vision began to grow, it drew other visions to it. Linda had been listening to her inner voice for many years; nurturing and holding the idea of a center that would embrace all as a welcoming, safe and peaceful place of retreat from the chaos of the illusionary world.

Two visions coming together magnify the energy and others heard the beckoning call.

Londa brought her vision of a healing center that embraced and practiced the ancient teachings of the masters. Kristen clearly saw the center wanting to manifest through all of us, and bringing her shamanic knowledge to the “garden.” The energy reached out to Angela who brought her vision of a retreat center; a center that had already taken form in her 3rd dimensional reality.

Others were called over the course of a year or so. Some knew it wasn’t their vision and stepped back out. Yet others stepped forward knowing something was there for them. A foundational team formed to nurture the seed ideas and individual visions, and a collective vision grew into what it is now; in this moment in time. The collective vision continues to evolve as our core group further opens to the sound of the Universe calling to us. We are the manifesters of the thought forms that the Ascended Masters want to bring forth within the collective soul of humanity – we heard the call, we are listening, we are allowing ourselves to awaken, we are stepping up. We are the ones we have been waiting for.