By Hamilton Hayes

When we think of creativity we tend to identify it with art, music, literature, dance and even science and mathematics.  We associate creative expression in these and other areas as a result of a gift (talent) to us combined with our sustained commitment (hard work).  We may come to have limiting beliefs, perceiving ourselves as wholly without talent.  In essence we may feel passed over during the ‘gifting’ process as we incarnated.  Who of us hasn’t at one time or another, seen a remarkable performance or a work of art and said ‘oh, I wish I could do that, BUT I can’t.’  The sources of this self critique may be many: parents, teachers, siblings and others who helped us diminish our self-worth, often without our realization of what was occurring.

Much of our life’s journey is about correcting this mistaken perception, and a Mistake it truly is. The Path of Conscious Creativity is about undoing this mis-perception and replacing it with the knowledge and experience of Divine Expression, a true path of creativity.  We can recognize Divine Expression by observing our Universe, both internally and externally.  What we see in all dimensions, in all objects, in all processes, in all feelings and in all actions is a constant river of Creation.  Ceaseless, timeless, dynamic,  compelling in its inevitable nature, we are ever present droplets in that river.  Creation is all things.  It takes all forms, not just through art or music or other expressions. We see that when we open inwardly to seek out our personal spark of the Divine.  We see that when we look outwardly and open to the spark in others.

Although Creation is constantly seeping out of every pore of our being, we may not see it. Knowing how to undo the ‘…BUT I can’t’ training involves an inward journey. We become more self-aware, developing  a state of mindful consciousness.  This is the ‘hard work’, the part we play to match up with the Gift of Creation and be our part of the Divine Expression.

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