Dennis Gaither

Certified Hakomi Therapist

Dennis’ Journey

A grateful heart is a happy heart, and I have much that I am grateful for. Work that I love, two sons that have grown into fine young men, and a community of loving kindred spirits. But most of all I am grateful for the abiding Presence within that is always with me and never leaves me alone or wanting. Very thankful indeed! At this point in my life there really is nothing more fulfilling for me than witnessing a being’s blossoming into the fullness that they truly are.

My life has been most fortunate in the way just the right teacher and circumstance comes along right when I am ready for them to. One of those came along in 1997 when I met Ron Kurtz, and later Donna Martin, with whom I studied Hakomi in Seattle. I am now happy to be a trainer in the method and have been teaching workshops and trainings for over 12 years with the Seattle Hakomi Educational Network. I completed a psychiatry residency at the University of California at San Francisco and am a board certified psychiatrist. Prior to that I spent some very interesting though at times intense years as an ER doc in Alaska and a GP on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming. I greatly appreciate the spiritual-psychological wisdom of A Course in Miracles, am an Ordained Ministerial Counselor, and teach classes and workshops on the healing power of forgiveness.

My purpose and passion in this life is about healing on many levels. My sense of what healing is has changed greatly over the course of a lifetime of commitment and now focuses more on a spiritual level than a physical one. The deepest healing that underlies the rest is healing the sense that we are separate entities unto ourselves. I like to remind myself often “I am here only to be truly helpful” and to acknowledge the many ways I am being held, supported and guided all the time.

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