Gloria Harrison

Teacher of Spirituality and Mindfulness

Gloria’s Journey

For as long as I can remember, I have known that I am god; that we are all god; that the core of who we are is divine and eternal. I didn’t know that I knew. Then one day I became aware that I knew, and this awareness led to the rejection of all of the fundamentalist teachings I had grown up with. For a while, I even abandoned God. Life has a way of bringing things back around, and through experiencing many life challenges, I chose to reopen this inner knowing. This reawakening has led me on a journey of discovery that continues to this day. My exploration took me down the path of science and I became a clinical psychologist. It also took me down the path of mysticism, where I examined many of the spiritual traditions, looking for the fundamental truths of who we really are.

My inner calling became more and more clear to me. I needed to help others find their core truths; their own inner calling, and the real purpose of their lives. I became a teacher of spirituality and mindfulness, working with the emotional and mental bodies of my clients to assist them in clearing a path toward their own soul purpose. This work has taken me on journeys around the world, visiting sacred sites, experiencing teachers of mystical traditions, and always challenging myself to open my heart and live from love, compassion and wisdom.

I choose to live in the Pacific Northwest, an energy vortex where land and sea come together with great beauty and grace. I find God in Nature and know that I am an integral part of all that surrounds me and that Divinity resides within me. This is the consciousness of the New Human. This is my consciousness.

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