Hamilton Hayes

Scientist, Engineer, Business Executive and Consultant

Hamilton’s Journey

My origins center around an Inquisitiveness that has nurtured me from my earliest memories. This has been the beacon of my life’s journey as a scientist, engineer, business executive and consultant. Throughout that journey, I have explored the deeper question of why things are as they are and what is the nature of the creative force that drives the evolution of our being and consciousness.

That exploration has led me along many alternative paths of personal healing and spiritual development. My sense of my life’s purpose has evolved and matured as well with each new adventure. Some years ago in a phase of re-creation, that purpose expanded in focus to being truly helpful to all beings by sharing the knowledge and wisdom gifts I have received.

Many spiritual traditions teach that we are all one with our Creator or Source, and that our mistaken beliefs are the cause of our perceived separation from the Divine. Basically, we get in our own way. Exploring how we can use all of our ‘senses’ including body, mind, heart and spirit to understand and correct those mistaken beliefs is my personal mission at The Centre. I see The Centre for the New Human as the vehicle that can facilitate all of our journeys of self and collective discovery and creativity.

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