Kristen Boyes

Artist, Expressive Arts Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner

Kristen’s Journey

I envision that everything is alive, everything has spirit, and every thing is connected.

My studies through the last 35 years have interwoven and connected my passion for art. They have also added to my relationship and stewardship of the earth, and the healing of the human mind, body and spirit.  As an artist, I believe creativity is the “Garden” of the soul. It calls us to our relationship to the divine through imagery, dreams, sound, dance, ritual and ceremony. Creativity is in essence the transformative and interactive magic of birthing something that is sacred from the unconscious into conscious reality.

In 1994, I attended Antioch University in Seattle. I completed my BA with a focus on Creativity and the Psyche, and a minor in Somatic Psychology.  After graduation, I participated in a year-long training in Expressive Arts Therapy. The training is a creative and therapeutic process that integrates the use of painting, journaling, dance/movement, music and poetry for transformative healing. During this same time period, I studied and continued my training in the hands on healing techniques of Process Acupressure and Reiki. I discovered that the energy and felt sense of the body mirrors the creative and transformative language of the soul and spirit.

Deepening my call

In deepening my call for healing through energy medicine, I was gifted a dream. In this dream I was an initiate of a Shaman. This extraordinary lucid dream led me to study Shamanism and ancient healing practices with Alberto Villodo’s Four Winds Society. The Four Winds Society have created a Light Body School. The school offers an in-depth two year training in the philosophy and practice of Shamanic Energy Medicine. The Qero shamans of Peru ”see” the Luminous Energy Field that envelops the body. This energy field is a record of a soul’s emotional, physical and spiritual experiences. The record becomes a blueprint for how each of us will heal, live or even possibly die. I experienced that we can heal and transform our lives by creating new blueprints for ourselves and others through this practice.

For many years I have been drawn to the ancient symbol of the Labyrinth. After having a lucid dream of an iridescent and moonlit labyrinth in my yard a number of years ago, I began to study with Veriditas. Veriditas is an international non-profit Labyrinth training organization. I then went on to build the labyrinth that I dreamt of, and eventually become a labyrinth facilitator. The beauty of the labyrinth is its universal and archetypal path where the body integrates with mind, and the mind with the spirit. It offers a path of meditation, insight, reflection, innovation, celebration and transformation.

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