Linda Pettit

Social Sciences

Linda’s Journey

My journey on a path working for healing others forked into Victoria Village in 1985. This was a residential/work training center for developmentally disabled adults outside of Stanwood, WA. I worked there 3 years while completing my BA in Anthropology at WWU.

With a social sciences degree in hand, I was hired by Skagit Mental Health in Mount Vernon as a liaison with PORTAL (Program Offering Residential Training in Adult Living). This was a wonderful state program located on the site of the former Northern State Hospital outside of Sedro Woolley. I worked in the Cottage Program, assisting residents who lived in 2 shared houses (formerly doctor’s residences). They learned about sharing space as they worked at job training organized at the facility. Many chose to remain in Skagit County after discharge, and I worked with individuals and developed shared living settings in the community.

Eventually, I became Housing Program manager for Skagit Mental Health after PORTAL was (unfortunately!) closed by the state. Work continued with individuals and groups, with housing growing to include low income families and private apartments.

After Skagit Mental Health merged with Compass Health, a large Snohomish County non-profit, the Housing Program was eliminated and I became a full time therapist. My caseload began to be defined by complex cases, and I learned a great deal from a number of clients with Dissociative Identity Disorders (formerly called Multiple Personality Disorder).

Retirement came in July 2011. I have continued to study many things, not only about disorders, but regarding the nature of energy, consciousness and the universe, spirit and relationship, and All That Is. I continue to connect with many individuals who wish to communicate and understand themselves. I witness that there are only healing relationships, connecting lovingly to what is working as well as to what is not–both part of the greater reality.

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