By Deborah Moskowitz

In the blink of an eye, a new year will be upon us, filled with the promise of something new, hopefully something wonderful to emerge in our lives in this upcoming year. During these chaotic times when we feel that everything is in upheaval, it seems that we’re in the middle of a cosmic bowl, with dust swirling around us, making it difficult, if not impossible, to see through the fog.

I always look forward to the clean slate that January 1st presents me with. It is a chance to let my imagination wander and to create new possibilities. It feels as though the Universe has given me a chance to start afresh, to close the chapter on the year before, savoring the successes and enjoyments and tenderly putting aside the hurts, disappointments and perceived failures.

Because I am an artist, I live in a world of imagination and creativity. As author Jeffrey Davis says, “If wonder is the portal to possibility, then applied imagination is the agent of possibility.” This is the spirit with which I face the New Year. For many years now it has been my practice to create a piece of artwork that will launch me into the new year with its hopefulness and possibility as a touchstone throughout the year. I also rely on my practice of SoulCollage® to provide me with guidance as I move forward into those possibilities for the coming year.

This year more than ever, I feel compelled to listen to my inner wisdom rather than be distracted by the static and buzz all around me   SoulCollage® is the doorway into my innermost being with all the wisdom that I already possess. Using this process enables me to listen, see and feel what is true for me at the time. Because this is an intuitive tool and process, it is a direct path to my connection with the Divine. By opening myself up and being willing to receive new information, I have grown in ways that were previously unimagined and it has brought joy and delight into my life.

SoulCollage® is a tool and a process created by Seena Frost, who was a family therapist and student of Jean Houston. Working with Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes, Seena created collage cards, each representing an archetype, or aspect, of who she was. As she made more and more cards illustrating these various aspects, she created a visual journal of her being in this lifetime.   She quickly realized that each aspect of herself that she chose to illustrate had specific wisdom for her.

We are all creative beings–this is our natural birthright that sadly, we have willingly relinquished, usually in childhood. SoulCollage® is truly a path leading us back to who we are. If you are curious about SoulCollage®, I will be doing a mini workshop as a program for the Centre for the New Human in January, in which you will create your first card. Please join us for an afternoon of wonder and discovery at Wise Awakenings from 2:00 – 5:00 PM on January 15, 2017.